Red Flag Tool

The WA Football Industry recently indicated that providing a positive and safe game environment is the most important factor to the success of football and therefore protecting and enhancing our game environment will always be a strategic focus.


The Red Flag reporting tool is vital in monitoring and recording the standard of the environment and the spirit in which they are played in all segments of the game.

Red flags can be lodged at

The Red Flag reporting tool has been developed whereby key football stakeholders are able to identify and bring to the attention of governing bodies any undesirable behaviors and actions that may breach any Codes of Conduct or By-Laws of the various football competitions across Western Australia.

This process allows the WAFC to track, record and address any negative behaviors to ensure we are maintaining a positive & safe game environment.

The Red Flag notification is completed online. Issues that are flagged that require official intervention will be overseen by the WAFC in consultation with the specific League Officials and WAFC District/Regional Staff.

The Red Flag reporting tool can apply to everyone involved in football from coaches, spectators, and players to volunteers and club administrators.

Who has access to Red Flag?
• WAFC Staff
• Competition Officials
• Club Presidents


What should be Red Flagged?

• Any person displaying behaviour seen as negatively influencing the game environment or development/enjoyment of players playing the game.
• Any coach or official who is sent to a Tribunal or suspended via the prescribed penalty system.

Once a person is red flagged an investigation into the behavior will be triggered. Red Flags will only be actioned if reported by someone in a role as outlined.


For more information, contact Josh Bowler - Acting Manager Participation & Engagement on