Rogers inducted as WAFC Life MemberWednesday, December 11, 2019 - 12:22 PM

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History continues to be made as the West Australian Football Commission welcomes its first Life Member through contribution to female football, Charmaine Rogers.

Being inducted at an official function on Monday December 9, Rogers was recognised for her distinguished service to WA Football. 

Induction to the WAFC Life Members’ Association is regarded as the WAFC’s highest level of recognition, distinct from life membership awarded by individual football clubs and associated bodies, and is awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding overall contribution to football in Western Australia.

The WAWFL felt it was fitting to nominate Charmaine Rogers for her enormous dedication and effort to our game. To put it in perspective, when the WAWFL celebrated 32 years in 2017, Charmaine had been involved for 19 of those years.

WAWFL President Carolyn Hills was in attendance at the luncheon, and congratulated Charmaine who was surrounded by her family while receiving her Life Membership. 

'We are so proud of Charmaine! It is an absolute delight to see one of the stalwarts of female football in WA recognised this way. 

"WA female football is where it is because of Charmaine's commitment to our game. There is no doubt about that, we are so so lucky to have had her involved in our game, and our league!".

To ensure the WA football community fully appreciate Charmaine's commitment to the game, we have included our nomination below:

Charmaine Rogers is the face of female community football in Western Australia.  

Charmaine has been volunteering to support the progression of females in Australian rules football in an ongoing capacity since 1996, and has undertaken nearly every role our sport requires at club and governance level.  She has been volunteering in female football for 23 years.

Charmaine has played a major role in the WAWFL competition transitioning from a struggling four team competition to an elite league developing AFLW players.

Charmaine has been the heartbeat of the Claremont Women’s Football Club (CWFC) since 1993 back when the club was the Innaloo Piranhas. She has seen the club transition to the Claremont Women’s Football Club which is now in partnership with, and identifies as the Claremont Football Club. Charmaine started as a player at Innaloo after seeing an article in the local paper and realising women were able to play football competitively. At the time, the league that had just four teams, and required help at all levels to help it progress. Charmaine did all she could to help this develop. Her time at Innaloo saw her progress through the ranks from player to Captain, Head Coach, President and ultimately Life Member.

Outside of her club commitment, Charmaine is a stalwart of the WA Women’s Football League (WAWFL) volunteering for in excess of 21 years. She has held roles as President, Vice-President, Secretary, Junior Schoolgirls Competition Coordinator, Community Football Council representative, and Competition Coordinator.               

Charmaine has supported female participation growth through her roles with various junior and senior clubs, and with the WAWFL through some often tough and turbulent times. She has represented herself and all females in the game to the highest regard.

As a WAWFL Board member she has been a passionate and influential advocate for the female game, and has taken on many difficult tasks during her time including securing personnel and financial resources to prevent the league from folding, assisted with the development of the current equalisation system, by-law creation, constitution reviews and managing the different competitions operations while working with antagonistic, dismissive and/or highly emotive stakeholders. Charmaine has always kept what is in the best interests of the game, and the development of female football, front of mind. As WAWFL President and Board Member she ensured the financial stability of the league, and developed strategies to ensure the future of female football in WA is secured, and an ongoing sporting option for females to participate in.

Induction as a WAWFL Life Member is regarded as the WAWFL's highest level of recognition and is awarded to individuals that have rendered outstanding service to the League. Charmaine was inducted as a life member for her ongoing services to the game and to the advancement of female sport in WA in 2001.  Just five years later, she was inducted as a Life Member to the Claremont Women’s Football Club.

While in her various roles volunteering within CWFC and on the Board with the WAWFL, Charmaine was also volunteering at the Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club.  Since 2013, Charmaine has been a coach with the club’s female teams.  Starting with the junior girls, Charmaine’s focus has been the Year 6-9 teams for the last few years, specifically coaching Year 7’s in 2019. Charmaine continues to give back to the football community with every female player she encounters taking on Charmaine’s skill, knowledge and insight.

In 2008 a WAWFL pre-season competition was formed in order to introduce new and younger players into the main home and away season. Ultimately this competition would go on to cater solely for youth aged players, and the U18s competition was born. Fittingly, in recognition for her ongoing efforts and commitment to the game, the competition was named the Rogers Cup. Later that year, Charmaine was nominated and won the WAWFL’s highest recognition for volunteers, the Lynette Smith Volunteer of the Year award.

As part of the WAWFL’s 30 year celebration, Charmaine was asked to put together a piece for the WAWFL annual report showcasing her experience about how the competition had changed across the years. With no doubt, Charmaine was the most appropriate person given she had been around for 19 years of a 30 year old competition. Charmaine delivered a thorough summary of her time in the game showcasing its evolution across the years.

When the WAWFL began live streaming their grand finals, Charmaine was asked to commentate and provide special comments given her strong knowledge of the players, and the competition’s rules and regulations. Never one to say no, Charmaine, while still coaching, took on yet another role in WA female football so viewers across Australia were provided valuable insight Charmaine had seen watching a majority of the players develop across the years.

2017 saw another milestone for Charmaine’s decorated football journey as she was nominated to receive the VicHealth Community Award by the Essendon Women’s Network, in conjunction with the Essendon Football Club. Deservingly so, Charmaine won.

It is believed there was no prouder person across Australia when the first ball was bounced for the first AFLW match. This was a something she had dreamed about and worked towards for decades, having played a role in many of the WA players that were drafted. No doubt she is already a member of the West Coast Eagles Women’s Team.

Charmaine has a love and passion for football that is second to none. Her dedication to the advancement of women is remarkable and she genuinely cares and wants to work with every player, administrator, volunteer and family involved in the game from grassroots to the AFLW. Charmaine inspires and mentors a number of young players who have a dream to play AFLW, it will come as no surprise when they are drafted. Charmaine makes you want to be a better footballer and person, and consistently is prepared to volunteer and give her time to ensure that female football in WA is better than it was yesterday.

In Western Australia, there are two women that are held in such high regard that they are unsurpassed by no one, one is Jan Cooper and the other is Charmaine Rogers.

The regard she is held in is highlighted by the fact that she is a life member of the Claremont Women’s Football Club and also the WAWFL, she ensures that female players, coaches and administrators have the same opportunity as the males at all levels.

We believe Charmaine would be a fitting WA Football Commission Life Member. There is not one person in WA that has done more for WA female football. If not for Charmaine’s drive, determination, dedication and unwavering commitment to the game, female football in WA, specifically the WAWFL and WAFL-W, would not be in the same shape it is today. 

A synopsis of her remarkable journey:

WA Women’s Football League  

2015                    Lynette Smith Volunteer of the Year recipient
2015                    Recognition of 15 years of service to WAWFL
2015                    U18’s competition renamed Rogers Cup
2013 - 2016         General Board Member
2009 - 2010         Vice President
2005 - 2008         General Board Member
2000 - 2001         President
1998 - 1999         Secretary
1996 - 1997         Competition Coordinator

Innaloo/Claremont WFC             

2017 -                 Assistant Coach
2014 - 2016        Head Coach
2013                   Club President
2011 - 2012        Committee Member
2010 - 2013        Assistant Coach
2006                   CWFC Life Member
1999 - 2001        Coach
1996 - 1998        Captain
1996 - 1997        Club President
1994                   Member Inaugural WA State Team
1993 - 1998       Player     

WA Football Commission

2011 - Present   Female Football Representative on Claremont DFDC
2017                  Subiaco District Female Coach of the Year
2015                  WAFC Claremont District Volunteer of the Year
1998 - 2010      WAWFL Delegate to Metropolitan Football Leagues Council & Community
                          Football Council
1998 - 2002      WAFC Schoolgirls Committee

Essendon Football Network

2017                       Winner of the VicHealth Community Award 


2019                   Coach, Year 7 – Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club
2018                   Coach, Year 6 – Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club
2017                   Assistant Coach, League – Claremont Women’s Football Club
                           Coach, Youth Girls (Yr7-9) – Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club (Premiers)
2016                   Head Coach, League – Claremont Women’s Football Club
2015                   Head Coach, Reserves – Claremont Women’s Football Club (Premiers)
2014                   Head Coach, League – Claremont Women’s Football Club
2013                   Assistant Coach, League – Claremont Women’s Football Club
2013 -2016         Coach, Junior Girls – Warwick Greenwood Junior Football Club
2012                   Assistant Coach, Reserves – Claremont Women’s Football Club (Premiers)
2010 - 2011        Assistant Coach, League – Claremont Women’s Football Club
2011                   Coach, Rogers Cup 20/20 – Claremont Women’s Football Club (Premiers)
2010                   Coach, All Girls Auskick – Innaloo Junior Football Club
1999 – 2001       Coach – Innaloo Women’s Football Club (Premiers)