Nifty 38 point win ticks the boxesTuesday, July 25, 2017 - 10:18 AM

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By Sandra Argese

If one thing’s for certain following the Coastal Titans’ nifty 38 point win over the Thunderbirds on Sunday afternoon, it’s that there’s a serious air of confidence at the club as the race to the impending finals series patiently looms right around the corner.   

Heading into Round 15 almost undefeated (a narrow 3 point loss to the Swans back in Round 8 their only defeat of 2017) and sitting comfortably a-top the ladder, the Titans hit the repeat button on the hot form they’ve carried into every game this season and re-affirmed themselves as firm premiership contenders with the gritty win.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the eventual winners.

Taking the field at Grenville Oval, Peel burst out of the starting gates firing and immediately challenged the Titans early on in the piece with persistent entries inside 50 that culminated in a 5 point lead at quarter time.

Following the first break, the Titans eventually gained momentum and control of the game – and not once did they look back. In fact, not even the wintry conditions could deter them from banging on 8 of the games next 9 goals.

Ashlea Renshaw proved a crucial target up forward for the Titans, kicking truly to guide a healthy three goals through the big sticks.
Jacqueline Toth continued her strong form for 2017 and finished with a goal of her own, while teammate Sara Lewis added another element to the Titans’ dangerous forward setup by finishing with two majors. With goals raining from a healthy 7 individual scorers, the Titans’ depth and versatility as a side was on song.

But while the Thunderbirds, who currently sit just outside the top four, would eventually lose by 38 points, they did anything but back away from the contest and competed hard all day.

COASTAL TITANS: 2.4 (16) 5.5 (35) 8.8 (56) 10.8 (68)
PEEL THUNDERBIRDS: 3.3 (21) 3.5 (23) 3.6 (24) 4.6 (30)

COASTAL TITANS: Ashlea Renshaw (3), Sara Lewis (2), Mckenzie Dowrick, Hayley Miller, Courtney Stubbs, Jacqueline Toth, Dianna Evans.
PEEL THUNDERBIRDS: Kate Bartlett, Kira Phillips, Courtney Hodder, Demi Okely.