School Football (9 – 17 yrs)

School Football (9 – 17 yrs)

Primary School girls participate in Eagles Faction Footy as part of their school’s Physical Education program. 

There are also interschool competitions - Eagles Cup and the all-girls Freo Dockers Cup, which include round-robin and one-day lightning-carnival formats.

WAFC Schoolgirls One Day Carnivals (Yr 8 - 9)
econdary school girls can play in Freo House Footy as an intra-school competition and the all-girls interschool competitions.

The WAFC Schoolgirls Cup (Yr 10 - 12)

There are four metropolitan regions – North West, North East, South and Peel.

The competition runs across two divisions (Moore & White).

1.  Moore Division (A Grade): Strong football schools seeking quality competition with games played across regions.

2.  White Division (B Grade): Where the majority of schools compete.  Teams are split into regional pools to play against other schools in their ‘local’ area.  After the home and away games the top teams go into a finals round.

The Schoolgirls Advisory Committee reviews all nominations and reserves the right to change the division that a school may have nominated for to achieve a balanced competition.

Country Schools: All competitions are coordinated by your Regional Manager.  Schools will be advised of their allocated carnival day/s by the end of Term 1.

The Vanderweide Division is only for schools who participate at SHS Country Week.

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?Image: 2015 Moore Division winners Kolbe Catholic College